Trails and Wildflowers

Geraldton Heritage Trails

The Geraldton Heritage Trails will give you an insight into the changes to the region over time, and all loop back to their starting point. The Geraldton Heritage Trails brochure is available at the Visitor Centre

Chapman River Regional Park

In the heart of the City of Greater Geraldton, lies a place of significant value. Along the length of the Chapman River, detailed beauty of native flowering plants and birds is framed by sweeping vistas from the Moresby Range out across the Indian Ocean.

Greenough River Nature Walk Trail

This scenic river meanders 250km through the countryside to meet the ocean at Cape Burney. Cape Burney is located 10km south of Geraldton, on the ocean and that is where the Greenough River meets the Indian Ocean. The river is a haven for an amazing range of birds, from the elegant egrets and herons to the majestic osprey and ubiquitous pelican.

Yamaji Drive Trail

The Yamaji Drive Trail map of Geraldton in Western Australia includes 14 indigenous sites that can be visited, all with interpretative signage. Sites include the Warglu Trail, Bootenal Spring, Ellendale Pool, Butterabby Graves, Woolya Reserve and Mass Rock.

Mullewa Drives & Walk Trails

Mullewa is a small wheat-belt town, about an hours drive out of Geraldton. It has several nature and cultural walk trails. One of the best for views and wildflowers is the 2.4km loop, the Mullewa Bushland Trail. It starts and finishes at the Mullewa Scenic Lookout.

Mullewa Wildflower Walk

The Mullewa Wildflower Walk is a picturesque 2,820 metre circuit through bush land renowned for its stunning wildflower displays. This easy to follow trail starts and finishes on Lovers Lane, opposite the caravan park and takes between 40 and 70 minutes to complete.

Geraldton Visitor Centre Wildflower display

At certain times of the year, the Mid West is swathed with colour and beauty as the wildflowers start to bloom. The Mid West in particular attracts large amounts of visitors for its unique flora and as part of the wildflower season the City of Greater Geraldton has jumped on board to bring the flowers to you.

Mill Point Lookout

Seven kilometres east of the North West Coastal Highway is the Mills Point Lookout that offers spectacular views across the Chapman Valley to the east and Geraldton to the west. An abundance of wildflower species can be seen during the season including Damperia, Grevillea pinaster, Hibbertia and Melalueca. See theVvisitors Centre for further details.


Located 100 kilometres south of Mullewa, Coalseam Conservation Park is renowned for its carpets of pink, white and yellow everlastings. Whole fields become blanketed in colour when these flowers are in bloom.