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Belair Gardens Caravan Park
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Belair Gardens Caravan Park Belair Gardens Caravan Park Belair Gardens Caravan Park Belair Gardens Caravan Park Belair Gardens Caravan Park
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Belair Gardens Caravan Park

Something To Do


Western Australian Museum Geraldton
Beautiful state of the art building that houses a fantastic display featuring the tragic events of the Batavia along with other fascinating historical information on the region.

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Consecrated in 1964 this was the only building of its type in Australia. Shaped as a star it was constructed of reinforced concrete and sandblasted to reveal the quartz aggregate.

St Francis Xavier Cathedral
This building is one designed by Monsignor Hawes, started in 1916 the building was completed in 1938. Free tours conducted Mon @ 10am and Fri @ 2pm.

Bill Sewell Complex
Started life in 1887 as the Victoria District Hospital, from 1967 to 1984 served as a medium security prison. It is now home to the Geraldton Visitors centre and contains a small hospital museum.

Fisherman’s Wharf
Experience the unique crayfish factory tour (in season) from the time it is landed until it is packed for distribution. Tours are at 9.30am weekdays, a small fee is applicable.


Geraldton Regional Art gallery
Housed in the former Town Hall, it hosts a wide range of local and traveling art displays.

HMAS Sydney 2 Memorial
This is a wonderful tribute to the 645 men who lost their lives of the coast of Western Australia in Nov 1941. This is a must see for any visitor and offers stunning views of Geraldton and the coast.

Point Moore Lighthouse
It is the only structure of its kind in Western Australia and stands 34 meters tall with the light being seen 26 km out to sea. It was imported from England in sections and constructed on site. Opposite the lighthouse is one of the best wind surfing beaches in the state.

The Old Goal (Craft Centre)
Built in 1858 it was operational until 1986 it is only exceeded by Fremantle as the longest serving prison. It is now maintained by the Geraldton Crafts Association and houses an excellent gemstone display.

Within 50 Kilometers

Greenough Historical Hamlet
24 kilometers south of Geraldton is the Greenough Hamlet, 10 pioneers building that have been fully restored and furnished in keeping with the period and gives a fascinating insight into life of the late 1800’s.

Greenough River walk trail
This walk trail along the Greenough River extends for 17 kilometers and is great for the bird watchers.

Leaning trees of Greenough
View one of the icons of the mid west region along the Brand Highway on the Greenough Flats.

Pioneer Museum
A magnificently restored 120 year old farmhouse is the setting for one of Australia’s finest folk displays.

Australian Satellite Defense Communications Base
Located East of Geraldton this look out offers a view of the giant golf balls that are the Australian Defence Force’s Communications Complex.

Within 50 KilometersWithin 50 KilometersWithin 50 Kilometers

Alinta Wind Farm
54 wind turbines make up one of the largest wind farms in Australia; each one is 78 meters high with each blade being 41 meters in length with a combined weight of 130 tonnes per tower.  A dedicated viewing area has been established so as to view the turbines in action.

Oakabella Homestead
Take a tour of the fully restored homestead (one of the top five haunted sites in W.A.) and buttresses walled barn, then sample the home cooked fare in the tearooms.

Chapman Valley Wines
One of Western Australia’s most northern wineries it is open 7 days a week for wine tasting and meals.

Ego Creek Winery
The other regional winery is open on Sundays from noon for meals or snacks in addition to the wine tasting.

Brentwood Olive Grove
Set among landscaped gardens offers tastings of olive products with lunches available Friday to Sundays.

Greenough Woodworks
View the amazing transformation of weathered raw timbers into quality furniture at Max’s workshop and adjoining gallery.

Ellendale Pool
Located twenty kilometers east of Walkaway this pool is at the base of an impressive rock face and makes an ideal spot to stop for a picnic or BBQ lunch.

Within 100 kilometers

Forms part of the Monsignor Hawes Heritage trail and is home to some of Monsignors Hawes architectural wonders. Between the months of July and October it becomes a hive of activity as nature puts on an exhibition of its own. During the last week of August is the annual Mullewa Wildflower Show where the wreath flower is the star attraction.

Dongarra, Port Denison
The twin towns of Dongarra Denison boast a true coastal village charm. The pleasant atmosphere of the main street lined with giant Moreton Bay Fig trees after which it is named is the ideal spot for a cappuccino.

Coalseam conservation park (magnificent wildflower displays in season)
Located approximately 1 hours drive from Geraldton, this is the site of the first coal discovery in Western Australia. It is now a picnic area with magnificent views of the Irwin River from the cliff face and scenic drive. During spring it is a spectacular location to view everlastings in full bloom.

Mingenew; http://www.mingenew.wa.gov.au/
Mingenew is known as The Grain Centre. The Mingenew grain facility (CBH) is recognized as the largest inland grower fed receival facility in Australia. The giant Wheat Stalk Sculpture in Cecil Newton Park depicts the importance of wheat farming in the area. During September the Mingenew Lions Midwest expo is held over two days.

Is the administration centre of the Chapman Valley Shire. Facilities in the town include fuel and meals at the tavern and BBQ facilities at the communal park. During September the annual Chapman Valley Fair is held on the sporting oval.

This town’s main street is lined with historical buildings, during October the main street comes alive with color during the Airing of the Quilts. Whilst in Northampton visit the Chiverton House museum.

Nestled along white sandy beaches is the sea side village of Horrocks. Migrating humpback whales are regularly spotted in season from the Whale Watching Lookout. In the surrounding area is the Bowes River mouth with the Willigully Caves featuring rock art created by the Nanda people.

Port Gregory
Port Gregory is a coastal fishing village ideal for a picnic lunch. On approach to the town is the Pink Lake (where beta carotene is produced) is a spectacular sight to behold. In the surrounding area is the Lynton Hiring Station which once housed convicts working on the Geraldine Mine and local pastoral stations.

Hutt River Province: http://www.hutt-river-province.com/
This province seceded from Australia in the Seventies over an argument with the state government over wheat quotas. It now has it own government and policies with tourist being warmly welcomed.

Abrolhos Islands
Located 60 kilometers off the coast of Geraldton is the site of Australia’s first European settlement. This group of 122 islands is a unique marine area extending north to south across 100 kilometers of ocean. Access is by plane or boat with charter operators offering a range of options to suit your needs.

Within 150 kilometers

One and a half hours drive from Geraldton, Kalbarri is situated on the banks of the Murchison River and surrounded by the Kalbarri National Park. Within the park are some spectacular ocean gorges and cliff faces, with spectacular rock formations along the path of the Murchison River. One place not to be missed at Kalbarri is the Rainbow Jungle Bird Conservation Park.

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